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Excellent progress again

The students who graduated this semester did particularly well. In their final semester, Student A increased her average from 61% to 76% and Student C increased her average from 81% to 84%. On 3rd year level, Student U increased her average from 70% to 76%. Several students attained marks of more than 90%. Congratulations! Your determination and hard work does pay off.

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Excellent Progress in a Difficult Semester

Student SN, well done. You have LLB in the bag. We will miss you. CV is continuing her streak of excellent results. 4 Distinctions are not to be sneezed at! UN is also a star. She improved her average to 76% from 68%. M improved from 67% to 77%.  Congratulations. This was a difficult semester. Congratulations top all our students who persevered and did not let anything get them down. Our pass rate was over…

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AS, CvR, James, K and OL graduated. Congratulations! Our students are making marked progress. AA improved her average with 6% to 74% and CV improved from 77% to 83%. One year to go, Ladies! In his last subject, James brought home 97% and K 83%. Congratulations! We again had an excellent pass rate of 96%.

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Our students have excelled again. Student P finished her LLB with an average of 82%. Congratulations! Student AS attained an average of 79%. This is a huge improvement. One semester to go! C excelled again with full marks for Evidence – 100%. J brought home an average of 79%. Our pass rate was 94%

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