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Frequently Asked Questions

All our Unisa LLB classes and tutorials take place online.

When the registrations have closed, we compile a timetable for evening and weekend classes.

Some classes are more time intensive and will be scheduled every week or second week. Other modules are less time intensive and are scheduled fewer times. For other modules, more one-on-one work is required. This is scheduled as well.

Classes are 2 or 3 hours long with breaks after every hour.

We make use of Skype as it is the easiest to control and does not require elaborate invitations etc. ONLY staff and students are allowed on the calls.

If necessary, the classes can be recorded and the recordings made available. (Loadshedding and other calamities.)

Information is disseminated to students through email, Google Classroom and other media.

Students can make an appointment outside class time to discuss questions and get help with subjects they have difficulties with.

Before an assignment or portfolio is due, students are given a guide so that they can do the work in good time.

Before an examination, at least one revision class is scheduled.

No. Our material is exclusively for our students.

Sometimes students have difficulty with accessing study material from Unisa. If it is available, it will be forwarded to the student.

Where necessary, we will supply class notes and summaries.

However, the recent experience with online and MCQ exams showed that working with notes only will not be enough to pass well. We work with the study guides and textbooks as far as it is practicable.

We offer offers a class in basic word processing and require new students to attend the class. Students learn how to format a document, to make a cover page and index, and how to make footnotes and a bibliography.

This prevents many difficulties later. A basic assignment template is made available to students.

A more advanced class is available on request. This class is ideal for students who prepare portfolios, footnote and make bibliographies.

Contact us directly through the CONTACT US page or send an email to or call us.

Our Privacy Policy is available at the bottom of the page. We will NEVER sell your information, make it available to any other person (not even other students without your permission) or use it for any other reason than to assist you and for statistical purposes.

We expect you to guard our and other students’ information as closely as we guard yours.

Our fees are very competitive and, if reqested, we will supply a prospective student with a full quotation. You are welcome to compare our prices with that of other similar institutions.

In some cases, we will discount some of the fees as we realise that students have limited budgets and that many people have been aversely affected by the financial and other difficulties the country experiences.

Payment plans can be arranged so that students do not have to pay a large up-front amount.

Our students, from time to time, offer books for sale or exchange. We will let you know if we have books available.

If you are cash strapped, try:

Campus Trade -

We have not used them, so cannot say if they are reputable. Let us know how you find them.

Textbook trader -

We have used them, and they delivered on their promises. They have a nifty function where they will inform you when they get a requested book in stock.

Please let us know if you come across other reputable second-hand booksellers.

  1. We will advise on module selection and work out a payment plan with you.
  2. Complete the application form we will send to you.
  3. Make sure you have all the materials.
  4. Log in to the class.
  5. Work!
  6. Have fun.
  7. Succeed.

The classes take place online. Students are responsible to arrange connectivity.

Consider the time spent and costs of traveling to a venue-based class as opposed to an online class when you decide.

We are a private institution and not affiliated to Unisa. Your business with Unisa is your business.

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